Sunday, May 15, 2011

Challenge 20 - Unexpected Fortune

Thank you so much for such an overwhelming participation in the last challenge. It is such a pleasure to view how artists can make a subject truly come alive in so many different ways.

All of us are specially indebted to those who took the time to provide feedback and comments. This nice and friendly atmosphere where we encourage and help each other is really the most wonderful thing about painting together. Let your heart speak out when you see a painting and don't hesitate to put in a few words of encouragement or advice!

About the composition

Sometimes, all you would like to capture in your painting is one special moment in time - a captivating glimpse of light, a fleeting vision of heart melting beauty that words can not describe - all carefully guarded in that special short moment.

What completely stole my heart in this photo was the ineffable happiness on the squirrel's face caused by her unexpectedly discovered delicious treasure - a small piece of something edible.

Let's try to capture that expression in this challenge, that amazing happiness which is a strong reminder of "How little is needed to be thoroughly happy".

Please send a photo of your painting the latest by June 4th. The next painting reference will be posted on June 5th.

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