Monday, January 6, 2014

Challenge 43 - Antique Rugs

As we begin  the first challenge this year 2014, I would like to once again wish all of us a very very Happy New Year!

Each of the beautiful paintings in the last challenge was such a visual delight. For PADT  visitors and artists it was as if each day in the holiday season brought a new gift  - the unmatched pleasure of seeing a wonderful new painting!

I hope this year brings many new exciting opportunities for all of us to do what we love so much - paint and draw and explore new horizons in art.

Thank You!!

About the composition

I visited a friend of mine, such a gorgeous human being, and very dedicated admirer and antique rugs collector. Needless to say how many still life compositions crossed my mind as soon as I saw this breathtaking display of antique tapestries and rugs. I listened to many  wonderful history lessons and stories about people crossing the continents & deserts, with one of the rugs you see here displayed, being old 134 years.

In my personal opinion, this is the most complex challenge I posted so far on PADT. I hope you will collect your artistic courage and give it a chance to surprise you.


Please send your paintings by February 16. The next challenge will be posted on Feb 17, 2014.


Jenni said...

What a wonderful picture, a very difficult challenge. I love all the patterns, but am quite flummoxed as to what direction to take !!! I shall have to think about it.
Jenni T.

Lela said...

Hi Jenni, I am glad you like the composition.

Yes.... I agree with you that painting this challenge does require some the past all of us have been so creative in PADT with refining the composition, adding to it & sometimes simplifying it or making it more painterly using different color choices & would be really great this time to see how all of us approach this one!

marja Eelman-rimann said...

het lijkt mij weer een moeilijke opdracht.
maar net zoals het glas zou het jullie wel lukken.
groetjes Marja

Helen H Trachy said...

This is such a lively and colorful photograph Lela! I just hope I'll find some time to paint this. Thanks