Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheri Homaee - Red Rose

Artist: Cheri Homaee
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 12 x 9
Support: Canvas Panel


allyson said...

Very fine and satisfying drawing in the rose.. a quality I see in your other work.. delicacy and precision.

Log Cabin Studio said... all your reflections

Sheila Estep said...

So beautiful and the lace on doily is so amazing!

wilbertrenate said...

Hello Cheri, i like your painting very much. The colours are very nice. How did you take the foto? Mine is very pale.

Cheri said...

I have a DSLR but don't use it on the challenges. I use a Kodak point and shoot, don't use flash and I shoot in natural light. Then I set the levels in photoshop.

Cheri said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words

Angela said...

Nice scarf and detail on the rose.