Sunday, October 16, 2011

Renate Arends

Title : Still Life With Cantaloupe

Artist : Renate Arends (Netherlands)

Medium & support : Watercolor, acryl (background), glue (background) and canvas

Size : 24 x 32 cm

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Alexander said...

I think this is very inspiring. rgds a

Nora MacPhail said...

Lovely pattern on the vase. Great interpretation.

SYLVIANE said...

You are the bravest, beeing the first one,this vase it's not easy, you've got it!

renate said...

Thank you all for your kind words. No, the vase wasn't easy at all, but I did the best I could. Thanks again!

Helen H Trachy said...

I like the background kind of all cracked up and the vase looking like pewter. Lovely color!

renate said...

Thank you Helen! I thought the cracked up background looked better with the vase.

Robie Benve said...

Renate, I really like the vase, especially the reflection on the wavy top. And the cracked background makes the metal look even smoother. Nice! :)