Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Helen H Trachy - Cantaloup Blues

ARTIST: Helen H Trachy
MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas panel
SIZE : 10 x 12
BLOG: http://peinturesetaventures.blogspot.com


Maggie Ruley said...

I like this painting a lot. It has a lyric quality. Love the leaning shadow, it's a risk in that it take your eye to the edge of the canvas. But I think maybe the dark solid shape holds you in.

Helen H Trachy said...

Thanks Maggie! I'm glad you like it. I painted this on Halloween day and i thought the shadow on the right was starting to look like a cat, a black cat. Hou...ouou!
Seriously, I appreciate your comment!

Isabel Pérez Lima said...

I like it.Especially for the romantic air that you have managed to give to the painting.Congrats,Helen.