Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Renate Arends - "Kiwi"

Title : Kiwi

Artist : Renate Arends (Netherlands)

Medium & support : Watercolor and paper

Size : 24 x 32 cm.

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Mohepi said...

Hi Renate ! Good job, they look so juicy your kiwis, I would eat them !

Tina Besecker Marohn said...

I like how you were able to capture the subtle changes in the colors of the kiwi with watercolor. Very nice.

renate said...

Hi Mohepi! How are you? If I could, I would send you one:)

Hello Tina:) Thank you for your very kind words. I appreciate them very much!

Karen said...

You have made a really delightful painting full of light Renate.

renate said...

Hallo Karen:) Thank you for you kind words. I'm happy you like my painting!