Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Renate Arends - Challenge 35 - Egg Basket by Henri-Horace-Roland Delaporte

Title                             : Delaporte
Artist                            : Renate Arends (Netherlands)
Medium & support         : watercolor on paper
Size                              : 24 x 30 cm
Blog                              : http://renatearends.blogspot.com


Mercedes Ares said...

Hola Renate. Hermosa composición por la realidad y colorido de toda la escena. ¡Felicitaciones!!

Babs, Jo, John said...

Hi Renate, A lovely water colour the details are really looking good
your painting eggs look good enough to eat!

Carol Lombardini said...

Hi Renate, A very nice looking painting with all the details done well and I particularly like the coloring on your apples.

Alexander said...

great work Renate

renate said...

Hello Mercedes:) Thank you for your lovely words:)Hugxx

Hello Barbara:) Don't you dare to eat my eggs!!!:)

Hello Carol:) Thank you !

Hi Alexander:) Thank you so much. Where is yours??? :)

Angelique de Vries said...

Prachtige kleuren, je hebt het mandje ook goed getroffen. De appels en de eitjes zijn super. Heel mooi.

Hani Hani said...

Hi renate,

It is fantastic.
I can't stop looking at i.What kind of paper do you use?
I'm going to try this this weekend. I hope I have an enough energy to do.

mico said...

glad to see you are back on business! very nice watercolor with light and shade "a la maniere de tes illustres predecesseurs", congrats!

Adrie said...

Wat een prachtige aquarel Renate, super zoals je die mand hebt geschilderd en dat mooie heldere wit van de eieren. Heel mooi werk!!

Syls said...

Nice one Renate , well done.

renate said...

Hello Midori:) For this one I used a dutch paper called "Terschelling 300 gr". It's a lovely not to expensive paper I use a lot.

Hi Mico:) Yes I know. Sometimes got a lot of things under the brushes:) How beautiful said "a la maniere de tes illustres predecesseurs". Tres chique!

Hoi Adrie:) Dankjewel!!

Hi Syl:) Thank you so much:)

renate said...

En Angelique natuurlijk ook heel erg bedankt:)!

Cheri said...

Nice Renate, I like it as a watercolor.

Beach Cat ! said...

YOur texture and background is so pretty. I love your basket and apples detail also.