Monday, December 23, 2013

Nelvia Mcgrath - "Contemplation"

Title:  Contemplation
Size:   9x12
Medium & Support:  Color Pencil on Artagain black paper
Painting Technique:  First off I want to tell you all what a great job you did, this was a toughie, at least for me.  This is black paper and getting back to white was tough.  I did the rose mostly in watercolor white pencil will a little yellow and pinks.  But object is to finish and learn something and that I did, just squeaking in under the wire.  Happy Holidays to all!!!


Shirley said...

Nelvia, I think you did so well with this as I tried one too on black paper and gave up out of frustration! so I really appreciate how good yours looks.

Nelvia said...

Shirley, Not sure how to overcome this, they say coat with white and then put color on top, but .... I know some people use gouche then pencil on top. I struggled a lot with the rose itself, need to do more flowers I guess but got elongated and funny petals. Have a great holiday.

Syls said...

A. Lovely painting and a very delicate looking rose,well done.