Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Angelique de Vries

Artist:   Angelique de Vries
Size:  ca. 20x30 cm
Medium & Support:  Colored pencil
Artist website:


Shirley Bond said...

Seeing your lovely drawing makes me want to get my colored crayons out again. Lovely job.

Jasmine said...

Soft & beautiful colors. Lovely drawing Abgelique!

Mark B. said...

When I saw this lovely drawing which captures the softness of the Orchid so well, I thought I would share a poem about Orchids which touched my heart.

I grow Orchids and everytime a flower blooms I feel like celebrating. They need a lot of care and would not flower for months and sometimes for years ...and then they bloom! It's a very rewarding experience even more so because of the unpredictability of the whole experience. Hope you enjoy the poem.

Just as I wonder whether it's going to die, the orchid blossoms

and I can't explain why it moves my heart, why such pleasure comes

from one small bud on a long spindly stem, one blood red gold

flower opening at mid-summer, tiny, perfect in its hour.

Even to a white- haired craggy poet, it's purely erotic, pistil

and stamen, pollen, dew of the world, a spoonful of earth, and

water. Erotic because there's death at the heart of birth, drama

in those old sunrise prisms in wet cedar boughs, deepest mystery in

washing evening dishes or teasing my wife, who grows, yes, more

beautiful because one of us will die.

Poem by Sam Hamill.

Angelique said...

Many, many thanks for your lovely words and poem! It is so highly appreciated, thank you!