Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shirley Bond

Artist Shirley Bond
Acrylic paint on canvas (1) and acrylic paint on mat board (2)
Size: 12"x9"                                
Size 14"x 11"

Artist Notes:

I did not set out to do 2 paintings but the first painting, I was not happy with the color of the rose or the background effect.It looked altogethr too heavy. I could not get the light to shine through the petals so I tried another technique for painting 2

 I used a different color combination for the rose  and did lots of thin washes similar to using water color to get a lighter effect on the petals. I also decided to make it a design rather than a  direct copy, I think I prefer that one.


renate said...

Dear Shirley:) I prefer the second too. It's so much better. Especially the light on the rose is so beautiful. The fact that you see your own lesser points in the first painting, makes you a real painter!

Brigitte leitao said...

Merci Shirley pour votre gentil commentaire comme vous j'ai trouvé le sujet difficile j'ai beaucoup de mal à peindre les fleurs pourtant je les adorent.Je préfère votre première version que je trouve plus harmonieuse c'est mon avis personnel. Au prochain challenge!