Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shirley Bond

  • Artist:  Shirley Bond
  • Size:  16"x20"
  • Medium & Support:  Acrylic on canvas
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  • Painting Technique : Acrylic mixed with glazing medium. I found the paint was drying too quickly to blend as I wanted it to. This helped.  I still think it needed to be darker on the right hand side to give it more a dramatic appeal.


Beach Cat ! said...

I really like this … you caught the feel of the sky beautifully. I was going to try this in watercolor but now you have me thinking acrylics is a great choice!

Shirley Bond said...

Beach cat,
I have been doing a lot of watercolors recently and found a problem switching back to acrylics because I couldn't blend the colors well on the canvas so I guess I used a combined approach using a medium. Thanks for your comment.

Helen said...

Lovely! Love the orange highlights on the "sun"side of the dark clouds!

Shirley said...

Thanks Helen. I like painting sunsets and clouds in general. It always helps to have a subject that you like to paint I think.