Monday, October 13, 2014

Challenge 49 - Still Life with Tomatoes

Our last challenge brought a lot of ideas and inspired creative juices to flow.
Every visitor enjoyed delightful creativity each artist brought in its own unique way.
Thank you very much for pleasure of viewing and enjoying art.

About the composition

It is simple if only objects are counted, and again very complex if all reflections are observed and painted.You decide how complex you would like it to be.

To improve the photo reference,I would suggest to change the background and the surface still life objects are placed on. An aged wall behind and worn out wooded or stone surface will add a lot of character and significantly improve mood and atmosphere.

Please send your paintings by Nov 23, 2014. The next challenge will be posted on Nov 24, 2014.


Jenni said...

What a great photo Lela. I love the composition and the colours.

Paint and Draw Together said...

Thanks Jenni :)
I am glad you liked the composition.