Friday, November 28, 2014

Terri Einer, Einer Arts

Picture 4 is my finished painting.

Picture 3 is the blocked in shapes or underpainting

Picture 2.  I am an acyrlic and pastel painter, so I first imaged the
 image in each medium, deciding to do a pastel.  I selected black paper
for my support and then selected my color pallet.

Picture 1 is the cropped image.  I did not want the Water Lily sitting
 squarely in the center of the picture, so I cropped it for better

Terri Einer
New website:

Terri Einer, Einer Arts
Soft Pastel on 300 Grit Black Paper


Shirley Bond said...

That is so interesting. I have never done a pastel painting but it looks an interesting way to make a colorful painting. I really like your painting.

Olivia Martin said...

So painterly. Lovely painting Terri!