Monday, May 4, 2015

Challenge 53 - Easter in the Garden

About the composition

This sweet lady stole my heart when I recently visited Centennial botanical garden in Toronto.
It was Easter week and she carried adorable basket full of chocolates smiling and offering to every kid that entered the garden.

I told her that I am an artist and have a lot of fellow artists who would be very happy to paint her portrait if she would be so kind to pose for me so that I can take her picture and use as a reference.  She gladly agreed and now we have very adorable subject to paint in this challenge. I hope you would really enjoy painting her portrait.

Please send your paintings by June 14, 2015. The next challenge will be posted on June 15, 2015. 


Brigitte L. said...

Syls you said that the subject was difficult prédédent sure! But this wow !!! it is no more complicated Leila does not make us gift!:'(

Lela Stankovic said...

Dear Brigitte, forgive me for not responding earlier. Thanks so much for visiting and your comments. I know that this challenge is over, but if you decided to paint this one, do send your painting and I will post it.