Friday, July 24, 2015

Sylvia Young

Sylvia Young
Oil 16  x 20  inches


Shirley said...

just lovely Sylvia. The flower bouquet balances the bowl of fruit and the colors compliment each other

Syls said...

Thank you Shirley, I found the picture Lela had selected and included little moe of the original,although not all as it is a particularly detailed painting.

mohepi said...

The proposal was already fairly complicated in my opinion, nevertheless you added something more from the original painting ! Congratulations for this good work !

Syls said...

Thank you,yes I did find the challenge daunting,but I was interested in seeing the original. My goodness all his work is very detailed,amazing paintings!

renate said...

Hi Syl:) Your fantasy is always so nice. This time you made something special out of it. Great job. Love it!

Syls said...

Thank you Renate,where is your challenge?

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