Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Renate Arends - "Cherries in Stone Bowl"

Title:  cherries in stone bowl

Artist: Renate Arends
Size: 15 x 20 cm.
Medium & Support: watercolor on paper
Artist Blog: www.renatearends.blogspot.nl (aquarellen van renate)

Painting Technique:
My first painting in which I have used painting in layers. A real challenge for me because I had to wait until the previous layer is completely dry before the next. 

I myself am very pleased with the result, particularly as to the colors of the background. 

I have tried to approach the colors as well as possible by mixing colors. I found that the colors from the photo were not pure colors but "old" colors that I find very beautiful. 

I have added  the shadows  because without the shadows it looked like the bowl and the cherries were hanging in the air. Now there is the idea that they are standing on something.


Shirley said...

This looks like a neat way to paint with a set style.
It's simple and has a good result.

Anonymous said...

To me, It looks like it has been painted on silk, but I know it isn't... Am I weird ? :D
Beautiful painting

mico said...

I see that you are still addict to painting! and you seem to experiment new techniques all the time with enthousiasm. strange that this way of expression can become necessary for some self-taught people like you and me. anyway it is always a pleasure to discover your new achievements in the various challenge sites. keep painting! bye.

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