Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Valérie M.

  • #2. Title: "Les oranges" second Watercolor painting. I found the first one not fresh enough... I' ve paint it again, trying to avoid retouching the color washes.
  • Artist: Valérie M.
  • Size: 30x30cm
  • Medium & Support: Watercolor and pencil 2B on study paper
  • Artist Flickr Galery:


Anonymous said...

Subtle differences but certainly you made the second painting to be even more amazing Valerie.

Valérie M. said...

thanks "Anonymous":)

LAL said...

I like both and maybe prefer the 1st one (indeed it's difficult to say)
I believe a bigger contrast gives more life to the watercolor

Shirley Bond said...

I liked the first one better as it seems to have more definition but both are good paintings.

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