Sunday, January 29, 2017

Challenge 66 - Bouquet of Flowers

This is our first challenge in the New Year. And as we look back at 2016 it is very heartwarming to scroll through all posts and admire the art we all created together. Without all of you this blog would have not existed and in the name of all PADT artists and our visitors I would like to Thank You and express my sincere gratitude and appreciation.

I feel honored to share passion for creating art with all of you, and even though time sometimes can get in the way, I have great plans for our PADT blog and our artist community in 2017. For now let's keep it a secret ☺.

About the composition

-Light. Although having a single source of light makes identifying shadows easier, this wasn't a case in this photo reference. Our subject was lit by multiple light bulbs from the front. That slightly complicates the process of identifying shadows and making sure they are consistent. Hence, if you feel a need, feel free to eliminate any unwanted shadows and introduce new to communicate desired atmosphere.
- Focal point. The white of the vase is very pronounced and if painted as it is in the photo, it would overpower the whole composition. Please tone down the vase so that the focus is not on it. Instead, emphasize one of the flowers, for example top yellow on the right side is a good candidate.
- Background. It is a solid black which creates a feeling of solid wall behind. In fact it was a glass wall and a dark night outside. Instead, it would be more engaging and artistically interesting if you create something interesting behind the flowers. Either transition of the color from dark to light around, or non-intrusive barely recognizable shapes such as window, curtains, etc.
-Size. It is of course your choice how big the painting you would like to paint would be. If  you choose to paint the whole composition, from my experience size 16"x20" looks like a good choice.
- Full or portion of the composition. Feel free to paint a portion of full composition. The more brush miles we all make the better our art will become.

Please send your paintings before Mar 12, 2016. The next challenge will be posted on March 13.

Happy Painting!