Sunday, April 2, 2017

Challenge 67 - Shepherd Dog

 Scrolling through paintings from the last challenge made me feel as if I am visiting some well know museum where every style embraced by well known artists through centuries was present. It felt great knowing that there is so much talent and potential out there we as artists are blessed with, and it is our gift and fortune to express it and share with the world around us. Thank you for this special privilege of enjoying your art.

About the composition

There is something very magical in the way colors are distributed around in this photo reference.
If I think what would that be, the very first observation coming to my mind is a play of two complementary colors,  cold blue-purple on one side and warm yellow-orange on the opposite side.

The dog has blue-purple nose, below the eyes, some fur areas on the left side, while the rest of it is yellow-orange.  Interestingly, background has the same colors just arranged in such way that cold blue-purple is always next to warm yellow orange. Simply there is no area where background is yellow orange and foreground is yellow orange. There is always a passage of blue-purple in between.

It would be interesting if you try to emphasize this play of colors and adjust color values and intensity to communicate darker, more pronounced dog in the foreground, and relatively dark closest background vanishing into pale, hazy blue and gold in the far away background.

Please send your paintings before May 14, 2017. The next challenge will be posted on May 15.

Thank you for participating and Happy Painting,

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Syls said...

Thank you so much for the tips, always useful to have some guidance.
Just got to do it now.!