Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Andy Smith

Artist: Andy Smith
Medium: watercolor
Size: 4"x 6"


deirdre said...

I'm just an interloper here, fascinated by this project.
I like this painting.

i think part of the problem, for me, is that the photograph has such a painted quality already that it's hard to paint it and make it feel like it was worth doing.

So the question for me as an observer, what can the artist bring to this that makes it more than the photo?

Anyway, there are some wonderful works here. Thanks for the peep in.

renate said...

Hello Andy:) I love the beautiful dark colors you've used. Very nice!

comment to Deidre: Look at all the beautiful paintings and you find the answer!

Jasmine said...

You have a very beautiful, unique palette Andy. I also visited your blog and enjoyed viewing your beautiful artworks.

Judy said...

It's beautiful and strong, a masculine tulip!

Debbie Later said...

This has a great dark mood.