Thursday, December 6, 2012

John Bradbury

John Bradbury
8x8 oil on board 


Rural-Artist said...

John what an undertaking going for 8 X 8 size, I cant wait to see your larger works. Nice colors, I see details and the composition is angled correctly.
I am new and wrote about the hands not being true if you hold two pencils in your hand. They say artist correct things but I really have to ask myself between the size and the artist skill and the pretty lace maker how this painting came to be?

Cheri said...

nice work John

renate said...

Hello John:) I love your use of warm colors! Your painting is beautiful. Nice job:)

Millie said...

Hi John, very nice all over all painting. I love the colors you used.

Babs, Jo, John said...

Thank you all!
I tend to brighten colors in all my paintings but with skin tones it is always a challenge, I dread venturing into the shadow sidewhere with a few a single brush stroke I produce mud.
A wonderful inspiration is Vermeer