Monday, May 19, 2014

Challenge 46 - Beautiful Orange Rose - Bathing on the Sun

I  am very happy that winter is finally over. In Canada also, not just in the rest of the world. I have to thank all of you for making my days much warmer and brighter with each new posted challenge. I am sure all of us enjoyed each new painting enormously. I want to thank each of the participants  for sharing their beautiful paintings; each painting is so uniquely lovely and inspirational.  Thank You!

About the composition

I believe we, as artists, are very sensitive and reactive to each and every influence. When the influence brings strong emotions and inspiration, such as the story behind this challenge, it is even better.

A friend of mine told me a story about an amazing woman, who -  in spite of a very challenging work environment in a rapidly downsizing company and her own health issues -  did incredible things to help each and every member of her team to find the next job. She used to say "I will not go to sleep until I put all my children to bed." The story has a very happy ending - all members of her team found very good new jobs and life moves on.

Truly  touched by this heartwarming  story, I thought that we have so much kindness and beauty among us, all around us. And, I was inspired to  find for this challenge something truly beautiful, something which reminds all of us of the beauty with which our world is blessed. I spent hours searching  for a subject for this challenge, trying to find something unique, inspiring and glorious. And here it is -  an amazing golden yellow-orange rose, full of life and inspiration. I invite all of us to celebrate and welcome this wonderful new season by painting and drawing  together in this challenge.

Please send your paintings by June 29, 2014. The next challenge will be posted on June 30, 2014.

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