Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shirley Bond

 Artist: Shirley Bond

Artist Comments:
 Painting 1  - "Just the Pot" 11"x14"
Medium: Acrylic on board
I tried the pot on it's own first as it's a while since I used acrylics and after using water color ,I really had to work at the painting to get the depth of the color and feeling of clay.
Painting 2 - "Pot and Table Leg" 12"X9"
Medium: Acrylic on board
The 2nd painting was another attempt but I wasn't happy with the final composition. I find the back shadows distract from the main objects.


Angelique de Vries said...

Your highlights in both pots are very shiny, well done! In the second pot you have captured the glaze of the pot very well. I like them both!

Anonymous said...

I love your first pot, it's simply wonderful
Marie-Christine L