Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Einer Arts - Terri Einer - "Frothy Mug"

I started by printing out a black and white version so I could interpret the image in my own color scheme and not be influenced by the colors in the photo.  Then I sketched a quick composition (image 1). I felt this simplicity of the subject needed some life, so rather than a plain white cup, selected a bold, bright palette.

Using acrylics on canvas, I  blocked in my scene. (image 2) and I followed that up with more detail (3rd image). I paint fast and wet, so I get lots of "happy accidents" when the wet paints touch each other. Once I am pleased with the colors I let it dry and finish with an india ink marker.  I think maybe I liked this one better before I added the black detail lines.  What's everyone else think?

Terri Einer
New website: www.terrieiner.com

Einer Arts
"Frothy Mug", Acrylic on Canvas


Renee said...

A masters work. Something cold and not so inviting was turned into cozy and warm ambience. You killed it plain and simple and I have no other words. High art. Congratulations Terri. I m glad I stumbled across your post.

Shirley said...

I think the black lines are good they give the painting a definition. I like the free and easy style you use and the colors are great.

Carla Raffaelli said...

beautiful interpretation, full of light and color, I really like

Anonymous said...

I like very much, you enhanced this picture, high art, very creative
Marie-Christine L

Cheryl said...

Love it! I definitely think the final addition of the black ink works really well and brings the whole thing together.

renate said...

At first I thought it the colors were a bit too much, but now I see the end result: wow! I am totally in love with it. What a great style!! I find it really beautiful. The black lines around it give it a perfect finishing touch. A super beautiful painting!!

Valérie M. said...

Beaucoup de peps et de caractère dans cette peinture !!! Quelle modernité !!! Bravo c'est très réussi à mon gout !!!

Einer Arts said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I know my style is a bit "out there" colorwise, so nice to know that others appreciate the bold, vivid colors, also!