Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Challenge 59 - Winter Landscape

I am sure all of us enjoyed eye catching paintings talented artists at PADT have created for our previous challenge. Thank you for your participation and sharing your talents.

About the composition

Some of artists requested snow for this challenge. After all it is winter and what can be easier than to capture a nice snow scene.

During this winter, we had just a few days of snow, and as soon as the Sun appeared the temperature went down to minus 25. This photo was taken at minus 25 C degree and bright sunlight. Needless to say, my hands froze in a few minutes while trying to capture anything of value :)

I wish I could have made a path, walking ahead and coming back, but I wasn't sure I would be able to come back before I freeze. Please use your artistic license and add interest, and focal point to the composition.

Please send your paintings before April 3, 2016. The next challenge will be posted on April 4th.
Thank you kindly and Happy Painting

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