Saturday, February 20, 2016

Melissa Adams

Artist:   Melissa Adams
Title:    "Feeling A Bit Unraveled"
Size:     2.5" x 3.5" (ACEO)
Medium:   Colored Pencil and White Gel Pen on Canvas Paper
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Joey J said...

umm... I think that is just a photo....Seriously....

Melissa Adams said...

Haha, that is! That's not my drawing, that's her photo, and you totally made me laugh Joey! Ooopsie! It's not what I sent in, how funny is that?! =0) I saw it and at first my thought was, "Wow, I don't remember it looking that good! Wait... No - that's because it doesn't look that good. That's her photo..." So yeah, that's definitely not my art! Lol! Only in my wildest dreams would my art look like that - but perhaps someday... =0) Lela, would you like for me to resend my picture to you?

Lela Stankovic said...

I really apologize for the mistake. Just now fixed it.

btw - Your painting is far better and beautiful than my original reference photo Melissa. You took the photo and transformed it into lovely art.

Lela Stankovic said...

Just for clarification - the current picture is Melissa's painting. I had accidentally posted a photo regarding which Joey had commented. Thanks for pointing out the mistake Joey & sorry again for the mistake :)

Melissa Adams said...

Oh it's no problem whatsoever! I feel blessed just to be on the blog in the first place, and I found the whole thing quite amusing to be quite honest! Especially since I started getting so impressed with myself only to realize quite quickly how mistaken I was. Pride sure does come before the fall! Lol! Thank you Lela for your beautiful compliments - I feel rather undeserving of them, but they sure are encouraging! And you are rather wrong about your photograph - it's gorgeous! It really does remind me of the paintings made by the old Masters, and when you can achieve that with a photograph, you know you have an insane amount of talent there. Thanks for fixing everything and for posting this - I'm so excited to be back here to create alongside you! =D

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