Saturday, May 1, 2010

Byannick - Champagne and Hazelnut

Artist: Byannick
Medium:Oil on board
Size: 8 x 12"
Artist's blog: Byannick Blog


Byannick said...

Hi everyone,

I couldn't take on the whole photo. Too many objects :) and no board/paper available big enough at the moment :)
I really liked the reference, the background colour, the contrast and the shadows lines making a kind of circle.
and the transparency of the champagne.

- I often let me drive by the "canvas" format - The glass upper part need to be enlarged
So I have to check the measures before opening the first painting tube. :)

- Less fruit is fine, but what to do with the nectarines' reflections on the glass...
too late after the start of the painting phase...
And I do not have this type of glass at home to check :(
The nectarine became an apple because I missed the yellow part and the time running short I needed a shortcut ;) to meet the deadline

- I did not want to keep the glass pearls, because I thought that they will unfocus from the glass.
And the champagne make me thought of the grape harvest and from that to the Fall and to the hazelnuts, and so I painted one ;)

- Frustation... mmmm. The champagne transparency is not there... and the upper right shadow is to be reworked.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Sara Sirel said...

I came across this blog today and its quite fascinating for me how different srtists can take the same subject and make a painting which is uniquely fabulous - Each painting brings up completely different emotions, memories and desires.

I guess thats why Cezanne said that he couldspend a lifetime painting the same bunch of fruits over and over again.

Byannick, I actually love the way you simplified the composition and put everything in harmony. Very nice touch with the hazelnut. I love the simple message from this painting even more than the actual photograph.

I am no art critic, but I agree with you that the apple/nectarine could perhaps be treated differenly.

Lela Stankovic said...

Byannick, I like your choice of composition and the way you placed all objects around. It has a focus of attentions and easily distinguishable lights and darks. Overall it is very pleasing.

What could have been done different? I know you did not have right objects to experiment with, but shadows are a little “in conflict”. The way you placed shadows communicates that there is one light source illuminating hazelnut, nectarine and glass and then there is another light source illuminating only the glass from a different angle creating a shadow on the wall.

When I first saw your painting I thought it was done in dry media (pastel or colored pencil). It was surprise for me reading that it is oil painting. Maybe you took a photo of the painting under artificial light or camera did not do justice to the real painting, but all colors look dry brushed and washed out. Deep darks are as important as bright lights. When you paint next time try to blend more and use wider range of color hues, values and saturation.

Mallika said...

Very nice.

Byannick said...
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Byannick said...

Thanks Sara and Lela for comments.
I agree with all your remarks
- fruit : I have to chose one and make it "readable" at first sight

- Shadows : Now that you mention it... I see that I have to get one light source. Perhaps I can move a little hazel and fruit shadows to match the glass one

- And for the brush look - It's due to the time frame - less paint dry faster... But I can always add a layer ;)