Monday, May 17, 2010

Sheila Estep

Artist: Sheila Estep
Medium:Watercolor on Arches paper
Size: 8" x 10"
Artist's blog:


Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Your dark values are interesting, and the highlights are clear. Very nicely painted!

Jasmine said...


Byannick said...

A beautiful shining and tulip.
The soft transparency is just perfect. nice idea in the background with the green appearing.

Lela Stankovic said...

Sheila this is a very beautiful painting. You have done a great job! You definitely know how to control watercolor, which is by itself a big thing. The whole flower simply glows with light. It is almost hard to find any areas for improvement, but I will give it a try.

One is the leave at the back. It has highlight going all the way down up to the bottom of the painting. Probably bottom half of it should be toned down (in shadow) to communicate as if it is coming out from darkness. Just look at the reference photo.

Second – shadows on the tulip flower. It appears to me they should be dipper and in some areas (right bottom part and hart of the tulip) warmer. I know it is hard to achieve, but tulip flower should glow from inside and all petals should look translucent (one should be able to see light through petals). All this could be achieved by painting glowing transparent darker and warmer shadows. I hope this observation helps.

Sheila Estep said...

Thank You everyone for you comments!
@Lela, I do agree with your comments, I noticed it too after it posted that the shadow on the back leaf should be darker and toned down and the heart of the tulip petal deeper, like you said :-) Thank You so much for your comments.
I'm having fun!!!