Monday, April 2, 2018

Announcement and a New Challenge 72 - Pear on a Branch

Thank you so much for your continued support and patience, especially during the last few months, when on the surface it seemed as if I have disappeared.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Instead I was working harder on our PADT community than ever before, and I decided to invest all the time I could find in something new and exciting for our PADT community.

During the last 8 years, I have been personally posting each painting or drawing you kindly provided and made sure I timely respond to each email or inquiry. And I enjoyed every moment of it.

As our community grew bigger, I started to realize that we had come to the limits of what the blogspot technology allowed. I started feeling that  PADT needs a new home which would allow us to freely grow and be the best our community could possibly be.

Impressed and driven by your incredible encouragement and support, I partnered with a few "smart IT people" and I am so excited to share with you what we came up with.


Announcement !!!

**** A new blog web site for our PADT community and challenges, where each artist would be able to post his own picture as a response to the challenge. And everybody would be able to comment and reply to all posts and challenges, the same way as we did it before. There is so much more we can and would do in our new home, which technically we were not able in the old one. And this is only a start.

**** In addition to that I have started a YouTube channel, in which I would post the new challenge (every six weeks) and also demonstrate how I did it. Hopefully this will help everybody, and be more fun to watch and follow.


Could you PLEASE HELP in making sure we have a smooth and painless transition from our current blog to our new web site?


You will receive a confirmation email right away, and will be asked to click on the link in the email and confirm that you are really the owner of the used email address.

That way your account is becoming active and you can use it right away to post your pictures.

If you have any problem registering please send a message to email address and explain the issue. We will do our best to help.
  •   For the period of three months, for already existing PADT members, I would manually maintain the old blog and make sure both old and new are in sync.
  •  Then starting From November 2018, our new web site will be the only channel to post and communicate among PADT community members.
  • The current blog will not be deleted - all your existing posts and comments on the current blog will continue to be preserved even after we switch over to the new website.
Personally, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your tremendous support during all those years, and thank you  in advance for your help in having a smooth transition to our new PADT home.


 About the challenge

The image for this challenge will also be posted on our blog website.

Everybody is invited to join in as a free PADT member. Everybody is invited to paint or draw the challenge, and post the image of the finished artwork within the next 6 weeks. And everybody is invited to comment on the posts or comments from other PADT members, and simply have fun and enjoy having a nice, uplifting and encouraging conversation.

I would really love to see us artists talking to each other, learning, growing, and having fun together.

And hopefully our new website will grow and be the PADT artists' ambassador, promoter and a great friend.

I also made a short YouTube video supporting this challenge, including a short preview of how I did it. I hope you like it. The link can be found below.

In this composition, since the light source is at the top left, all shadows are positioned on the opposite side from the light source. In this case on the right side from the object. Please observe and pay attention to those shadows, they will be your best friend in creating a convincing image, where objects are related to each other, and together they sing the same voice, and tell the same story.

To participate in this challenge, please join in to blog website and create a new post as a response to the current challenge, the latest by June 13, 2018. After that we will be having a new challenge.

Happy drawing and painting!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

A short update...

Hi friends

I have not had a chance to post a new challenge in the last few months. I really apologize for suddenly having to take this break. I realize that I should have at least posted an update for everyone.

Unfortunately, for the last few months I had to take a sudden break from PADT. I needed to get done some work around the house urgently,  and together with my job, it took away all my time. PADT has brought me in contact with some of the best and nicest people like you and I will definitely continue it with all my heart. It's the one thing closest to my heart. I hope to come back very very soon to start new challenges.
With warm regards

Nancie Johnson

Artist: Nancie Johnson
Size: 8 x 10
Medium & Support: Acrylic on canvas
Artist Blog:
Artist Website: