If you have never painted before...

If you do not have paints, brushes, canvases and all those expensive supplies, don’t worry. Grab your office pencil and a piece of paper and draw!

Submit what you have drawn. Take the first step.

I will share with you in a future post, some tips about getting painting supplies at low cost...watching online sales at Jerry's Artarama, exploring art supplies on ebay etc. But for now don't worry about fancy art supplies!

You can get what you need to begin in your local dollar store. I admit I am strongly dedicated to the best and most archival and lightfast painting supplies in my art work, but again remember Jackson Pollack created masterpieces from house paint!

Also, don't worry about style.

Abstract, impressionism, realism all are just 'buzzwords'.... the key is to make art which YOU like.

Once you  get familiar with basic techniques, basic drawing skills and some art principles of - light and shadows, values and color - you could advance in any direction... abstract, realism or impressionism.

Get started now & let your creativity come out!

(This project is free and open to all artists)