Why Should We Paint And Draw Together ?

What really differentiates leaders from  non-leaders,  mentors from  non-mentors,  good teachers from  mediocre ones is their dedication and gift for teaching - which motivates others to follow their vision... which one day might become a comfortable reality, for good - for all to enjoy.

I spent a few decades either being taught or teaching others and I really admire people who have a thirst for learning.

However I find it frustrating that people who want to learn to paint on their own have such a difficult task at hand.

They need to put in more effort, time and dedication than those artists who are in a position to devote all their time and money to learn painting and can afford to just focus on just practicing and painting.

So, I thought it should not be that hard to gather like-minded souls and help each other. Whether you are an accomplished artist or a beginner, I am sure painting together with other like minded souls would be an enriching experience for you.

Paint And Draw Together - Mission

To try to gather all folks who want to progress in painting under one umbrella, so that, together we can all practice, progress, learn and advance much faster and in a more consistent manner than most people can on their own. What I can promise is consistency, fairness, respect and support.