Rules and how to participate

1) A new high quality photo reference will be posted every 6 weeks with a few basic notes covering areas you need to pay attention to.

You need to click on the photo in the blog which will open a higher resolution photo in a separate window and save it for your painting reference.

The complexity of the subject will vary in different challenges. 

These compositions will be designed to engrave in your mind the importance of values, soft and hard edges, lights and shadows. They will train your eyes to distinguish highlights, light, middle tone, core shadows, main shadows, reflected light and cast shadows.

2) Everyone is requested and  highly encouraged to place comments  about other artists' works in a friendly and respective manner.
Feedback is very important to help progress and should contain only 2 things:

A)What you like about the painting or drawing as “must have”.
B)What would be in your opinion carefully worded friendly indication of an area for  improvement as “nice to have”. We are all very sensitive about our art, so please I urge you to respect and encourage every effort.

3) Painting and drawing must be done by hands ... in any chosen medium.

Oil, acrylic, watercolor, gauche, pastel, pencil, charcoal, any other – all are welcomed. Pan, brush, pallet knife, fingers … use it all to produce your piece of art - but do not digitally alter it.

(4)Please send a digital image of completed work to : :
  • Please try to make sure the  digital photo of your painting or drawing is less than 300kb in size  and not more.
    (5)In your email, please provide all the details in the following format so I can quickly copy details from your mail and then post in the blog.
    • Artist:
    • Size: 
    • Medium & Support: 
    • Artist Blog: 
    • Artist Website:
    • Painting Technique :

    Thank You!