Friday, July 2, 2010

Byannick - The Pond

Artist: Byannick
Medium:Oil on board
Size: 11" x 7"
Artist's blog: Byannick Blog


Nancie Johnson said...

I like what you did with this - you took the image & made it your own. Very nice work. The only minor thing I would suggest would be to add a little bit of detail to the front left corner of the grasses. Just a few stalks sticking up in front of the cloud reflection (but don't cover it up), and a bit of lighter color to them so they show. This would make my eye go from grass, to tree, to house - a very nice zig/zag direction - and balance the overall image.

Paula; The Parent Trapped said...

This is great. It looks like a completely different scene, until you compare it with the reference photo. A very thoughtful interpretation of the photo. I especially love the white streaks in the tree, water, and sky. Very chuncky and striking. A little too much white in the lower left corner but just slightly distracting but only because I've been staring at it so long!

Anonymous said...

You made a painting which makes me wish I was inside it. A little pond with a simple house on the edge - thats where I want to live.

Byannick said...

Thanks for kind comments and suggestions.

The white cloud reflections was added in late step. Too white - the cloud got yellow in ;(

Grass was covered and the dead line 'and other paintings made me rush (eeh!)

I will do some fine tuning ;) Grass, cloud reflection - some texture in tree leaves perhaps.

Yes this is lake Aquitaine with some improvements (I think) I like these little cottage - Human size and close to Nature ;)