Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Elena Malec - Pomegranate

Artist: Elena Malec
Medium: Oil pastels on Canson Mi-teintes pad
Size: 9" x 12"
Artist's blog:


Suzanne said...

Nice job creating a crisp black background against a brilliantly red pomegranate in pastels. Your ability to capture shine on the seeds is also commendable. One minor problem I see is that the shadow seems to stop short of the bottom of the sphere shape on the table. This creates a feeling that the pomegranate is not quite three-dimensional, or "on" the table. Two other shadow areas, at the back of edge the stem at the peel and at the peel coming out of the top of the pomegranate could also be "pushed-back" or deepened.

Mark said...

Outstanding! I am not an artist so that's my excuse for not giving any suggestion for improvements. But all I can say is that this composition and this painting is simply stunning. I was left staring for a few seconds.

Nan Johnson said...

Really wonderful work Elena. And with pastels, I am impressed! I agree with Suzanne about the shadows, particularly the one along the bottom sphere shape of the pomegranate. I understand how she describes it as not "on" the table.

Angela Sullivan said...

Elena, Cudos for finishing so fast. I love your approach. The seeds are very nice. I especially like the ones strewn on the table. I am jumping out on a limb to even dare to comment on pastels. What I see for an area of change is that I think deeper color in the pulp and a little less use of white would help. Maybe some yellows or blue in your highlight on the peel would make it a little more believable. Thanks for allowing us to critique. Hope this helps in someway.

Paula said...

Very good deep burgundies and reds. I love this!