Friday, November 12, 2010

Jean Claude - Pomegranate

Artist: Jean Claude
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Size: 30 cm x 25 cm
Artist's blog:


Amanda said...

Beautiful painting! The blaze of light in the background transforms the pomegranate into an exotic fruit.

"Garnet coloured pearly
Pearly slippery arils tumble out,
As I peel a pomegranate.

I realise, how sensuous
Luscious and delicious
Is the touch, taste and feel
With a flavour exclusive.

Quite like a Haiku-
Aesthetically compressed,
With so much appeal…
its an art to separate
white membrane
and get at its essence..."

les peintures de Viviane said...

I am really very touched by these words. I do not master English, but this poem made me happy inside. There is a small mistake when I sent cete photo of the mailbox of my husband, Jean Claude tinker but does not paint...
Bonjour de France et merci beaucoup Amanda Viviane

Angela Sullivan said...

Hello Jean, Glad you posted this lovely painting for us to enjoy. First of all your shape is good. The fruit is round and firm. Your twist on your peeling is good. The suggestions I have are on the left side of the fruit at the bottom you have added yellow which is nice but I think you need a little bit of bright highlight at the very edge. The highlights on the seeds are a little heavy. I like the idea of your background but it is the first thing you see and demands attention which takes away from the fruit which is the main interest. I hope this helps. I did visit your blog and love it....

Paula said...

The purple is nice but it is too bright against the light fruit. Your fruit is well painted but the purple background steals the show. Maybe a darker purple directly behind the fruit?

les peintures de Viviane said...

Merci de Votre aide, Je Suis d'accord AVEC Vous same si NE photo la rencontre Pas de la peinture Avantage fils d'un. JE VOUS thanks De Vos Précieux conseils. A bientôt Viviane

Nan Johnson said...

Oh, I do love that background. It really caught my eye! But I agree, it does fight with the fruit for attention. The only other thing I would comment on is the table, it appears to be sagging in the middle. Really like your fruit, you nailed it's rounded shape perfectly.

Debbie Later said...

I love how your background makes the fruit shine.
The advice I would like to give is to pay close attention to the negative space around your object and see how it matches the reference photo. I also like the surrealness of the table.