Friday, January 9, 2009

PADT Potpourri

Dec 02, 2012
Hi Folks,
Good Morning!

Remember to resize your paintings before sending. Ideal size is width less than 400px.

You can use any tool (paint in Windows 7, or photoshop or gimp etc) or you can use this online resizer:

Make sure when you resize that you resize proportionally!

 Hi Folks,
Here's a format you could use to send in your entries for the challenge!

Medium & Support: 
Artist Blog: 
Artist Website:
How you did this painting (just a couple of sentences) :

Hi Folks,

I thought "AddThis" buttons in our blog may be an easy way for us to share our paintings with our friends.

Let's hope this doesn't slow down our blog or cause any other problems.

Please let me know if you run into any issues etc and I will remove the buttons if they prove to be troublesome.


Hi Folks
I realized just now that blogger has implemented a comment spam folder for the blog just like we have it in emails.

I apologize for not being aware of this earlier.

As a result some of your comments may have ended up accidentally in the spam folder in the past... For example, just a few minutes back I discovered that a comment by a visitor had been mistakenly tagged as spam by Google. I went in the spam folder and posted it on the blog.

I will from now on periodically check the spam folder... but if you are still not seeing your comments pls drop me a mail at either of the following mail ids.

All comments (positive comments as well as constructive critiques, suggestions etc) are most welcome and should appear as soon as you post them.

However I do delete a spam comment occasionally ..if google spam guard doesn't detect them... For example purely advertising comments by 'Wholesale Printing', 'Banner Printing', or by other marketing companies... . Hope it's ok with everyone.



Unknown said...

I just now got an alert from Renate that comments are not working well in PADT.

I can't say exactly why.. But I now reverted to the blogger default way of posting comments using full page.

The comments seem to be working ok... I will continue testing to see if I can find the problem.

A big Thank You to Renate for alerting me about the comment problem!

Melissa Adams said...

Hi Lela! I am new to this site and was wondering if we are allowed to sell any of our reproductions of the images that you post for us to paint, or if doing so will violate your copyrighted image or others as well, if that makes any sense? For instance, if I were to paint the butterfly verbatim from the photograph you took for week 36, can I sell my painted version of it, or is it only allowed to be a study or to be given away for free? Also, are we allowed to sell our reproductions of others paintings, as in our own reproductions of Vermeers "The Lacemaker," or is that unlawful? I just want to make sure that I do things right on here without violating the copyrights of anyone, especially you, as I find your site not only to be quite intriguingly fun and interesting, but also a great way to increase my skills and meet fellow artists as well. Thank you! =D