Friday, July 1, 2011

Nan Johnson - Bottle of Red

Artist: Nan Johnson

Title: Bottle of Red

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Sheet
Size: 9" x 12"


Ann's Art said...

Like the way you have gone for a close up of this jar. Very good.

Angela said...

Nan, your paintings are so real yet different. Every time I still say "How did you do that".

Nan Johnson said...

Thank you Ann & Angela for your comments. I can never resist doing a closeup, and of course, I had to do the "shapes" painting as well.

nmg said...

Absolutely love the title
Thank you for the comments on my picture.
I was immediately drawn to yours when I reviewed the site the first time as I too like the close up.
Have enjoyed your blog as well.

Linda Young said...

Gorgeous, Nan!

Tess Turner said...

stunning work, check your website - great art work there!