Monday, June 18, 2012

Challenge 30 - Olympic Beach Greece


Viewing the abundance of creative interpretation and beautiful paintings in the last challenge reminded me of the following quote:


  "You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou.


It's been a true pleasure viewing so many different  paintings each of which surprised us with  it's own loveliness. On behalf of all of us I would also like to extend a very warm welcome to many new participants.


And above all, I want to say a big Thank You to all of us who take the time to provide comments and feedbacks. I know from personal experience how uplifting and  motivational it can be for an artist to hear encouraging words from another artist about his/her painting. I know that each of us really really appreciates all the kind words and feedback we receive  from our small group of warm hearted souls.


About the composition


I imagine we learned a lot about painting the form and details in the last few challenges. It is time for a change - something equally beautiful, just somehow different.


This is a photo  I took last summer. of  the gorgeous Olympic Beach in Greece. Even now, when I look at it, I feel a gentle breeze... the  soft but dramatic rising of a new day ....and a general feeling that all my clocks have stopped counting time. For those of us living in North America it is hard to imagine, but for a week there, among thousands of tourists, I had almost no chance to see anyone using a cell phone or other advanced electronic equipment.  I felt very rested and tranquil  and am happy that I got a chance to visit this beautiful beach.


I am sharing this with you so that you can "feel the place" and paint that feeling of calmness and timeless beauty. Please pay attention to the dramatic light, the "hole" in the sky  letting the Sun illuminate the stage - a relaxed couple under an umbrella and silhouette of a far away fishing boat greeting a new day.


Please send a photo of your painting latest by Sunday, July 29. The next painting reference will be posted on July 30.


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