Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Challenge 33 - In the Style of Old Masters

Every new challenge is so exciting and I know that we are eager with anticipation to create and also view  beautiful paintings based on this challenge reference.

However I wanted to take a minute to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who participated and also to those who shared their comments in the previous Orchid Flower challenge. It really is wonderful to view lovely paintings which interpret the subject in different creative ways;  and in the last challenge every participant had a special, unique interpretation of the subject using different styles, palettes and  mediums.  Thank You!

About the composition

The composition reference chosen this time is based on an Old Master's painting - a detail of it.

Wandering through the  endless corridors of Louvre museum in Paris I came across  this captivating painting by  Jean-Simeon Chardin (1699-1779)  which grabbed my attention.  I immediately felt it would be a great inspiration and practicing subject for PADT.

It is probably painted on a toned and dried canvas in one sitting. All edges are soft, seamless, blending one into another without any clear end precisely defined details. By trying to reproduce similar effect, form, color, distribution of light and unity, transparent look and feel, I am sure all of us will learn a lot.

Please send your completed painting by Nov 25. The next painting challenge will be posted on Nov 26.


Anonymous said...

What a great challenge. Haven't decided what medium to use. I bought some oils a few months ago. Used them once. This would be a good opportunity!!!

Jenni said...

Sorry, I posted the first comment.

Unknown said...

I am so happy you like it Jenni! Look forward to your painting.