Thursday, December 6, 2012

Renate Arends (Netherlands) - "The Lacemaker by Johannes Vermeer"

Title                             :  The Lacemaker by Johannes Vermeer
Artist                            :  Renate Arends (Netherlands)
Medium & support         :  watercolor on paper
Size                             :  24 x 30 cm
Blog                             :


Rural-Artist said...

Renate, I see, as with the original the floating lace maker box that rest on her lap. The light in the original is the heart of this paintings tricky-ness it works yet doesn't. Your hands are shapely and clear and your interpretation of her face is visually pleasing. Your straight lines lines, and movement from darker areas to light seem a bit carefree. Overall this brings a smile to me.

Syls said...

I like the look of concentration on her face,we'll done

Shirley said...

I also liked the concentrated look on the girls face and her hands are very well done,

renate said...

Dear Rural Artist:) Thank you for your technical explanations. Very interesting. I am very curious about you submission of this challenge. I was curious about yours paintings but on yours blog State there is no. Can I find them somewhere?

Hi Syl! Thank you so much for you comment, I realy appreciate:)

Hello Shirley:) Those hands were so difficult! Thank you for your lovely words:)

Beatriz Abel said...

Renate, me encanta el gesto de la niña esta realmente concentrada en su tarea, veo que no soy la única que lo apreció, es muy interesante poder reflejar una actitud de la modelo, hace más interesante la escena

Millie said...

I like your interpretation.You've got her concentration, good job, Renate. I must have bad eyesight, I did not see the holes on the wooden post on the right side, or that was your creativity? .

Rural-Artist said...

Renate Thank you for your inquiry. I am new to blog and criticing--I just keep reading how to do it and it takes a lot of examining and thought. I found your group by looking at a fellow artist friend and mentor and joined. It really saved my day. I had a rough year and hopefully the next will be better. So, Hello!
My work examples are at
And yes my intrepretation of this piece is on its way.

Rural-Artist said...

Renate, I see why you asked about my Blog. You have a super page Wow!! I will have to work on one. Oooh, Love the Whale Tail!

renate said...

Hello Beatriz:)One way or an other she took over the concentration I had on my face when working on her:) Thank you for your lovely words!

Hello Millie:) The holes were realy there:) Thank you for your comment, I love it!

Hello Nancy:) (at least I now your name now:)Thank you for your answer! I hope this year will become a better year for you. I'm glad you join Paint and Draw Together; every month a beautiful challenge! I saw your art on Etsi and it's beautiful! Succes with this challenge and hopefully see you more:)

Krystyna Szczepanowski said...

Renate, she is very sweet and you did a fantastic job. I'm trying and failing horribly - I'm finding it very difficult to work the dark areas on the face without it becoming a big blob of dark brown!!!!!
She does seem to be really absorbed by her work - love it!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Hij is erg mooi geworden!

renate said...

Hello Krystyna:) I'm so sure you can do the job! If I can, you can do it for sure!!!!

Hallo Brigitte:) Dankjewel hoor:)