Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Challenge 35 - Egg Basket by Henri-Horace-Roland Delaporte

As we step into  2013, I  wish everyone a very very Happy New Year! May this new year bring peace and fulfillment for all of us.

For artists, we  see so many  exciting new resources  now being available - oil papers, aqua dispersions, new color pigments and more. All these tools help us  in bringing  new elements in our art; many of the participants in the last challenge  took the opportunity to try new mediums and techniques.  I congratulate all of us who participated -  we saw so many truly captivating paintings and drawings based on Johannes Vermeer's "The Lace Maker".  

Thank you once again for your overwhelming participation! When you share your painting, each of us is enriched by observing your interpretation and each painting teaches us something new.  And, a special big Thank You to all who took the time to share their comments and provide encouragement  and advice.

About the composition

This is the third and for now the last in the series of challenges following in the footsteps of the Old Masters. It was painted by French painter Henri-Horace-Ronald Delaporte (1724/1725 - 1793).

Two important things we should observe and remember while painting this challenge:

1) Intelligent composition - the intimacy of this hidden, secret corner surrounded by aged and cracked stone blocks, makes the viewer speechless, suggesting that the time has stopped and the silence should be kept forever.
2) The light source is positioned at the front top left corner and it is casting all shadows towards bottom right corner.

Please send your entries by Feb 28. The next challenge will be posted on March 1.


Syls said...

Love it ,I do like a challenge.

Unknown said...

Thanks Syls! I am glad you like the photo reference.

Unknown said...

I want to say thank you Lela.
These are exciting challenges and the choice is very good.
Thank you to the participants. Everything is beautiful and that sharing is very interesting. Exuses me if I'm writing not comment much but I admire all your work.
Best regards isabelle