Saturday, March 2, 2013

Challenge - 36

First of all a big Thank You to all  participating artists  who shared their paintings  in the last challenge. Painting together not only gives us a warm feeling of camaraderie with like minded artist souls, it also helps  to learn and advance  by observing  how each of us interprets the given  composition.

In this note, I specially want to thank all who shared their comments and critiques about the different paintings. All of us value  encouragement and kind words  from fellow artists are  truly inspiring.  Thank You!

About the composition

All human inventions started as an idea. Powerful enough for those strongly dedicated to the mission to keep it alive and not let it be forgotten. They reminded themselves until it became their habit to think and visualize it, transforming it into an image deeply engraved into their subconscious mind. This image guided their hands to create and invent the biggest wonders on earth and beyond.

Let this photograph, which I recently took at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, inspire your hands to create your own wonders. You can use it as a complete composition  or embed it into more complex and meaningful artistic creations. Let it talk about sunny days, happiness, love and peace for all and inspire the viewers to hear its powerful message.

Please send your entries by April 14. The next challenge will be posted on April 15.


Jenni said...

What a beautiful photo, Lela. Can't wait to get started!

*Minie* said...

Très beau papillon qu'on a envie de "croquer". Promis je tente. Bises

Unknown said...

Thanks Jenni, Minie! Look forward to your paintings.