Saturday, June 29, 2013

Linda Lourenço - ""Night blue for cherries""

Artist: Linda Lourenço
"Night blue for cherries" 
Oil on canvas 20x30 cm
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Angelique de Vries said...

I like your painting! Your cherries look very real, and the shining of your vase is perfect! Well done!

linda lourenço said...

Thank you very much for your kind words Angelique.
I forced myself for cherries' cause would like to login prepare several shades of red color mainly (alizarin red), which was not easy to realize on :-)I work from primary colors then are born secundaires etc. ..
I had one blue, red ,orange, and brown :-)) it allowed me to work more my colors and I love it!
An interesting study for the evening colors, reflections and bright cherries work.
Thank you again for your message.
And thank you a lot Lela :-)


Nelvia said...

Do like the blues and your reflections and cherries. Nice work.

Nd Heffron said...

I see a little size from my computer but even though it is tiny it looks good.

linda lourenço said...

Thank you for your comments, the image is rather small
I invite you to see here:
The blues are not as intense, the machine saturates digital photographic blues and appropriate RED ..
My blog is new .. and I'll leave the box menbres to follow and comments
Excuse me for my english so weak .. But I am very happy to have found a artistic community as friendly :-) Thank you all!