Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shirley Bond

Painting #2
  • Artist:      Shirley Bond                                     
  • Size:           12in X 12in
  • Medium & Support:  acrylic
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  • Artist Website: 
  • Painting Process:I planned on simplifying the forms and making a design with the colors of the sunset and cloth. I wanted  the goblet to be the central focus so I placed it right in the middle. This was a fun painting to do.

Painting #1
  • Artist:      Shirley Bond                                     
  • Size:           8in X 10in
  • Medium & Support:  watercolor
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  • Painting Process: I had planned to keep the background light but found the goblet did not show well so attempted to redo the background. Not a good idea! I also realized that I had placed the goblet too far to the left and the composition was poor. A good learning experience.


Anonymous said...

personnaly i prefer the first painting version : colors of the sky and the place of the trophy: i found it more fun , really....

Nelvia said...

Nothing is lost in any painting, you have some nice reflections and we all struggle with composition. Great effort.

Catherine said...

Each painting is very beautiful. I love the freshness of the painting #1. The landscape in the background looks so enchanting.

The painting #2 is also very beautiful and it tells of superb brushwork by a seasoned artist.

Congratulations on both Shirley.

Catherine said...

Just a thought.. your painting #2 definitely is very lovely and captivating. But perhaps in your next painting you would like to experiment with the Golden Mean instead of placing the focus in the center?

Mukesh Jha said...

I love this one - esp the striking colors in the sky. You killed it! Beautiful.

Shirley said...

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I do so enjoy seeing them and considering your points to help me paint better each time.