Monday, August 19, 2013

Challenge 40 - Figure Study


I have to express my deepest respect to all artists who painted our last PADT challenge. It was different and challenging as many of you noticed. I hope it gave an opportunity to learn something new and explore new artistic horizons. I remember reading - "New horizons are often found at the boundaries of chaos" and could not agree more.

About the composition

 Recently some of you asked me to introduce a figurative composition as the next PADT challenge. This gave me quite enjoyable and challenging homework.

Meet my cousin Oki. She is an artist and was very kind to voluntarily contribute to PADT artist community and  pose for all of us to paint. It is not an easy task, nor all can do it. I find that posing and still looking natural is very difficult. It requires practice, patience and dedication. I thoroughly admired her patience and willingness to repeat the same pose countless times until all looked just right.

I hope you will enjoy painting this figure study.

Please send your entries by September 29. The next challenge will be posted on September 30.

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