Sunday, July 6, 2014

Challenge 47 - Varadero - Cuba

My passion and love for flowers, especially roses made me feel as if I received a very special and beautiful present with each new painting you kindly shared with the rest of us. I thank  you for that special, heartwarming feeling and hope each of you felt the same.

 About the composition 

In the spirit of celebrating warm, sunny and beautiful places on earth, for this challenge I am posting a picture of the Varadero sunset in Cuba.

The colors in the sky have virtually unlimited number of shades, and it is an excellent practice for mixing colors and  capturing the mood and atmosphere. Also, knowing that yellow and violet are complementary colors, it is a challenge to keep the yellow sparkling clean next to the violet, especially in watercolors.,

Please send your paintings by August 26, 2014. The next challenge will be posted on August 17, 2014.

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