Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jenni Twidle - Pomegranate

Jenni Twidle
Medium: Colored pencil on paper
Size: 10"x 6"
Artist's blog: http://craftymusings.blogspot.com/


yasha said...

Hi Jenni,great work with colored pencils.The texture of the skin and the luscious seeds look good.Good work with the fruit but I feel that the addition of a base for the fruit and an appropriate background would make it look more believable and give it a three dimensional structure.The highlight on the right of the pomegranate is also not evident and that may be due to the absence of the background.Thanks for sharing your work.

Paula said...

Wow. Pencil! It's really wonderful! If you want to leave it "floating" like you would see in a catalog or book, maybe you should add just a touch of a shadow beneath the fruit. Not much else to change.

Nan Johnson said...

Your rendering on this is perfect! Love the shading you did to the fruit, and the highlights on the seeds is perfect. The only comment I have is that it is floating - really needs something below it to ground it.

Jenni said...

Thank you both for your kind comments. I had a pomegranate in front of me to help get the correct layers of colour. In botanic art it is quite usual to leave the subject "floating." I rarely shade underneath.

Angela Sullivan said...

I really like this. I do agree my personal preference would add a shadow but it is nice like it is. I think a little more highlight especially on the fruit body. Your seeds are great.

Debbie Later said...

Wow, colored pencils? Amazing! You are a master.
I liked your process postings on your blog.