Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sylvia Young - Pearls

Artist: Sylvia Young
Medium: Pastel on paper
Size: 12" x 9"
Artist's blog:


Kim C Pelletier said...

I can’t draw with pastels to save my life and it always amaze me to see artists achieving that kind of accuracy with the medium. I feel perhaps that the artwork could use a little bit more contrasting values, but who am I to say given that I don’t know the medium, its possibilities and limitations too well.

Interesting that not only did you added your own touch to the composition with more shells and spreading the pearls, but you also chose a horizontal composition rather than vertical like the reference photo. I think that brings a completely different dynamic to the artwork; a soothing sense of silence and calmness that doesn’t exist in the reference photo.

syls said...

Hi Kim,
Yes you are right ,there are not enough tonal values,trouble is i finish a piece ,and think it is fine.I need someone at my elbow to say more contrasts !more darks!However - "if at first you don't succeed try,try,try again." With all these great challenges it certainly something i intend to do.
Happy new painting year.Syls

Nancie Johnson said...

Love your unique approach to this. The added shells and the broken pearl string along with the horizontal format makes this painting your own & not a reproduction. I agree with adding more darks for contrast, but overall I think it's very good work!