Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dianne Lanning - Puppy

Artist: Dianne Lanning
Medium: Watercolor on 300lb Arches paper
Size: 7" x 10"
Artist's blog:


Nancie Johnson said...

Awww, this little guy is so cute. Love the fluffy fur and alive eyes. Just want to pick this one up and hold him!

yasha said...

Dianne such an adorable puppy.The texture of the fur looks so soft,I can almost feel it.:)

Horst said...

Amazing texture with watercolor, very well done.

Dianne said...

Thanks for all the valuable input! I knew I was close to the wire. I owe the feeling behind the picture to Raleigh. He was MY poodle and the delight of my heart for many years. As I look at my puppy picture I keep thinking it looks a bit juvenile. Maybe it’s the background. I thought I was trying to keep the background simple but I think “simple” is too much like what I got. It needs to recede or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love this - this little guy is so endearing! I am not a watercolorist, but if you could dull down and soften the brushstrokes of the paint in the background, I think you would get the recession you are looking for.