Sunday, September 19, 2010

Challeng 9 - Royal Gala Apple

We crossed "100 members" mark at PADT blog and now is the perfect time to celebrate! Can we get to 1000? I am sure we can and we will. The more, the better.

We witness such a great improvement in the works of many PADT members who joined earlier. Your support (through constructive comments and sharing of your own works) has contributed to this thoroughly amazing progress.

Let's celebrate our "100+ members" milestone with a new, inspiring composition as the next painting and drawing challenge at PADT.

About the photo reference

Challenge 9 is a Royal Gala apple dressed in a glorious gown of colorful fall leaves. I have to say that I love this composition. I could write about it for days, but I am not going to. The rest of the discovery is left for your imagination.

Here is the beginning of the journey and what you need to pay a special attention to:

The horizon was chosen to follow the lower golden mean line. This simplified composition resembles a triangular shape achieved by a careful placement of the apple, branch with leaves and a single fallen leaf.

There are 2 sources of light. At the top left is the first, strong, warm, artificial light source casting strong and easily distinguishable shadows on the opposite side. On the right side is the second light source. The cool, window day light introducing almost blueish highlights on the apple and very soft diffused shadows on the opposite side of the light source.

The wooden table top is lightly polished, causing subtle reflections of the leaves on the surface. Watch for them as these are barely visible. Those reflections at the table surface serve as a very sensible, almost hidden path for the viewer's eyes leading into the composition.

The wood grain is visible in both the light and the shadow areas and should be painted that way. The same applies to the apple and leaves shadows. This helps in achieving three dimensional and transparent shadows.

The leaves have plenty of highlights, shadows, cast shadows, reflected lights and a play of warm and cool colors caused by 2 different light sources: red, yellow, green and blue. All those colors should be used to achieve a glorious fall appearance.

This is certainly not all. There is much more to discover. Enjoy the journey.

Please send a photo of your painting the latest by October 9. The next painting reference will be posted on Sunday October 10.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is a show-stopper. Can't wait to do this!

Nan Johnson said...

I love this photo! I also can't wait to do this one!

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to doing this one! Great colors and detail!

Horst said...

Wonderful photo, quite a challenge.

SYLVIANE said...

Nice picture and nice shadows!

Millie said...

The only time I had painted an apple was in my first art class. Will try to do this one soon :D

Lela Stankovic said...

I am very glad you like the challenge. It is a school example in studying all different kinds of lights and shadows.

If you have in mind any specific "wish" for the next challenges, please let me know and I will make sure it shows up.

Virginia Floyd said...

Wow, what a gorgeous photo! I'm a beginning painter, and this may be difficult, but I think I'll give it a try. But I may or may not post it!

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....